Finding a job in Canada as an immigrant — How to use pre-arrival services

If you're planning to immigrate to Canada, you may be able to get help finding a job through the assistance of free pre-arrival services. In this video, we spoke to Irene Vaksman, the Director of Newcomer Services at JVS Toronto. Irene helps manage Canada InfoNet — a free pre-arrival service that helps immigrants prepare to find work in Canada, even before they arrive!

To register for Canada InfoNet's free services, click here:

Canada InfoNet provides a range of free pre-arrival services to help immigrants find jobs in Canada:
— Individualized support from an employment specialist
— Mentorship from people working in your field in Canada
— Opportunities to connect with employers through virtual job fairs
— And more!

Please note: In order to be eligible for Canada InfoNet's pre-arrival services, you must be outside Canada, but planning to arrive within the next 12 months. Additionally, you must be approved for immigration to Canada — you can show this by providing one of the six documents listed on this page:

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