Find out how an employee from a service based company turned her life around and joined J.P Morgan!

Susmitha is yet another success story of Bosscoder Academy who managed to overcome all the hurdles in her way and achieved her dream of working for a top product based company, J.P Morgan.

In this video Susmitha outlines the difficulties she faced as a student that prevented her from pursuing product based companies in the beginning of her career and further talks about her preparation that helped her completely change the trajectory of her career!

Go ahead, watch the video to know more about how Susmitha grew from being afraid of coding and problem solving to becoming a confident programmer and acing multiple interviews!

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0:06 Host’s Introduction.
0:33 Susmitha’s Introduction.
1:38 Struggles Susmitha faced before joining Bosscoder Academy.
3:19 Why did Susmitha choose Bosscoder for her journey?
4:37 How did Susmitha bag the offer at J.P Morgan?
6:05 What was her renewed approach to applying for jobs?
7:04 Feedback of the course and what major changes Susmitha made in her learning phase.
8:40 How much does Susmitha rate the course?
8:58 Tips for all the new joinees of Bosscoder’s programs.

Our Guest,
Lakshmi Susmitha V,
LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lakshmi-susmitha-251b29b0/

Our Host,
Akshat Gupta, Software Engineer at Arcesium | Ex-Oracle, Samsung R&D
LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gupta-akshat/

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