Find a Part-Time Job in Canada, 10 ways to Find a Part-Time Job in Canada for International Students

In this video, I talk about 10 different ways using which new immigrants in Canada including International Students and Permanent Residents can find a Part-TIme Job. I also share the jobs I did and how did I find those jobs when I was an International Student in Canada. This video can be very useful for students coming to Canada and hope you guys will enjoy it.

How I got 3 job offers in Canada:
How to work more than 20 hrs/week as an International Student in Canada:


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Please note, I am NOT an immigration consultant. I am NOT a financial advisor. I am NOT affiliated with any government organization. Any information shared in this video is based on my own experience, opinion, and research and hence should not be considered legal advice. I assume no liability for how the information in this video is used or interpreted and hence take no responsibility for any decisions that are made with regards to your application or life based on the information shared in this video. Your commitment to your application or life is critical so please do your own research before making any kind of decision. I am just a random guy on youtube sharing my experience.

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