Financial Health as a Global Priority

Over the last decade, the global community has made tremendous progress on addressing financial inclusion, with over a billion new account holders across the globe. Yet, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the financial fragility of so many households, regardless of their inclusion status. Financial health offers a new construct for measuring and improving financial wellbeing and security, and organizations around the globe have started adopting it as a framework for research, advocacy, and business.

The Financial Health Working Group of the UNSGSA and the Financial Health Network in the US have been working together alongside many others to build new consensus and action around financial health. This panel will discuss the critical role of measuring financial health as the first step in diagnosing the problem. It will also be focused around the two core audiences for financial health:

- Policymakers -- Why they should pay attention to financial health and what they can do about it; and,

- Private sector actors (large FIs and employers) -- How they can address the financial health needs of their customers and employees.
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