Final Destination 1-5 Movie Marathon (Full franchise commentary, reviews, and ranking)

Final Destination 1-5 (Franchise Commentary, Reviews, and Ranking)
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Welcome to the 1st Annual (hopefully annual) Spooky Halloween Scary Movie Marathon of Fun and Doom (the name is a WIP). I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a sort of live commentary over a horror movie franchise, and I decided to start with a series I've had a soft spot for, for many years.
The Final Destination franchise is an absurdist blend of comedy and horror, designed entirely to stage elaborate deaths and to shock the audience. The concept has always intrigued me, and it was a fun excuse to revisit the full series.

This is totally experimental for me. I assume this will not garner much interest. But in the off chance that it does, maybe it alters the way I present and talk about movies in the future? Or at the very least, once a year like this.
I'm so curious to see what everyone thinks!

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:38 Final Destination 1
0:26:20 Final Destination 2
0:45:15 Final Destination 3
1:12:44 The Final Destination
1:35:17 Final Destination 5
1:56:04 Final Thoughts-ination
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