Fill your talent pipeline: 5 critical factors to attract the modern employee

Over 80% of people would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company with a better culture. And 46% of Americans are passive candidates: never checking out the job boards but open to the right opportunity. So why don't more great companies take advantage of this and promote their culture to passive candidates? In this high-energy, value-packed session, Justin Vajko (vay-koh) of Dialog Design Co. will uncover how you can use the same proven marketing tactics that famous employers use to attract their pick of great candidates. In fact, employers who use these tactics historically experience lower costs of hiring overall. Dust off your marketing hat and learn the five top factors that are hurting your recruitment efforts (and how you can fix them).

-Take care of your people, improve your culture: why culture is the foundation to all recruiting campaigns.
Instantly become 173% (or so) more interesting: how to create a compelling -employer value proposition.
-Stop telling the wrong story: take control of your online reviews.
-Show, don't tell: why video is the new normal for recruiting top talent.
-Go where the people are: how to use social media to build your employer brand.

Dive into each of these steps with training to help you create a solid employer branding strategy that gets more folks to apply to your jobs.
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