FIFA Licensing Situation | Madden Executives | Sim Standard Podcast Ep.311

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The Sim Standard Podcast is a weekly show with Sim Standard members AzureEffect, Smitty, and SimFBallCritic. Each week we discuss the latest trends and topics in the sports gaming community. We also give our thoughts on other genres in the gaming world and discuss social views from time to time. We welcome all listeners and leave an open invitation for anyone who would like to join the show. Listed below is a tentative list of tonight's topics.

*Madden Executives response to current bugs in the game.
*EA Sports possibly dropping the FIFA name.
*Topics from the chat

Of course we look forward to you guys joining the show or providing topics that you would like us to discuss. Remember, if you would like to come on the show we will just need your email address. We look forward to all of your thoughts and comments. See you guys at 8pm EST.

My Channel is all about finding the purest form of Simulation Gameplay in the games that are available to us. Sim is the only way to play!

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