FIFA 22 Is Simply Terrible And EA Should STILL Be Ashamed

FIFA 22 is Terrible!! Period. (FIFA22 Review)

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Time Stamps:
00:00 - Intro - FIFA 22 Review - Still Awful
02:14 - Goalkeepers are STILL Broken
03:39 - Defence is Better... but STILL terribly flawed
04:57 - Midfield STILL doesn't help Defence
05:15 - Attacking is STILL Overpowered and unrealistic
05:51 - Menus... STILL the same??
05:54 - Ultimate Team is STILL the same and had NO UPGRADE!!
06:11 - CAREER MODE hasn't changed... oh wait
07:03 - We've been conned again fml...

FIFA Goalkeepers are BROKEN:

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