Fieldsports Britain – Vinnie v Crowie

Vinnie Jones brings together shooters from all over the country for his charity shoot at Six Mile Bottom. Among them is Andy Crow, and also there is Helen Tinner and Katie Hargreaves. It’s quite the Fieldsports Channel get-together. Thanks to Vinnie stardust, it raises £50,000+ for charity, and it answers a crucial question: who is king of the banter? Crowie or Vinnie? Meanwhile, on Dartmoor, Tom Davies is out after foxes. With the silage cut, it’s the ideal time to get on to the youngsters. And BASC is concerned about the delay to firearms licensing. BASC head of firearms Martin Parker explains what’s going on. We’re giving away a pair of Meopta Optika 8x42 HD binoculars priced at £320, David has the latest from the news stump and James Marchington brings you the top hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s another packed #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links to the individual items in this week’s show:

▶ Vinnie Jones shoot
Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Gamekeepers' Welfare Trust
National Gamekeepers' Organisation
Crafty Countryman channel
Six Mile Bottom Shoot

▶ Fieldsports News
Zac Goldsmith makes dog law by letter –
Former MFH Mark Hankinson wins webinar appeal –
Complaints spark BBC investigation into Countryfile show – +
Amber Hill breaks Richard Faulds’ record –
Loch’s David v Goliath fish farm victory – +
Survey reveals rural cost of living crisis fears –
Mother dies in car crash with boar in Rome –
Africa nature strategy summit wants $220bn – + +
Botswana earns tax cash from hunting –
Kenya hunting plea ahead of election –
Police investigate record-breaking egg theft –
Norway’s heavyweight troublemaker hits capital –

▶ Foxshooting
Tom runs Dartmoor Deer Services
Find the Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro scope on Kitfinder

▶ Gun licensing
BASC Firearms Department

▶ Other links
Game Fair tickets
Find Meopta Optika 8x42 HD binoculars on Kitfinder
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▶ Hunting YouTube
For the films in this week's Hunting YouTube, go to our playlist Hunting YouTube, episode 660:

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