Feign Client Interview Questions and Answers | Microservices | Spring Cloud | Spring | Spring boot

In this video, we discussed the frequently asked interview questions related to the feign client concepts. - Spring Cloud.

1) You are asked to develop a microservice application where Microservice 1 is generating a response (say some random number) and another Microservice 2 need to consume that response (random number).

2)What is @EnableFeignClients annotation mean? Why do we need it?

3) You have a requirement to call external endpoint but your external endpoint is super slow and the response time increases as the number of records increases. How will you parallelize your call to the API? Is it possible through feign client?

4) Your external endpoint you are trying to call using feign clients is failing? How to write code for that scenario?

5)What are the advantages of using Feign client? (Or)
Why are you using FeignClients in your application over RestTemplate?

6) How do you handle different version of micro services in Feign client requests?

0:00 - Introduction
0:26 - Interview Question 1
4:42 - Interview Question 2
5:59 - Interview Question 3
8:59 - Interview Question 4
10:26 - Interview question 5
13:38 - Interview Question 6
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