Federal Employee FERS Retirement Benefits 101

Your FERS Pension/The FERS Supplement
-Check out this article to see when/if you can retire and get a pension.

-To calculate your pension and check out this article.

-You can find an in depth guide to the FERS supplement here.

Social Security
-To help decide when you should start Social Security as a federal employee, check out this article.

The TSP (Thrift Savings Plan)
-Here is an in depth guide on how to get the most out of your TSP.

FEHB (Federal Employee Health Benefits, i.e. Health Insurance)
-You can learn more about keeping FEHB into retirement here.

FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance)
There are 4 different parts to FEGLI and they are: Basic, A, B, and C.

-All 4 parts are a little different and you can learn what parts are best for you here.

FEDVIP (Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program)
-You can find more details on keeping FEDVIP into retirement here.

FLTCIP (The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program)
-You can learn more about whether you should enroll in FLTCIP here.

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