Fbise Policy of qualifying for the Exam| Do you need to pass each subject separately or not ?

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Policy Points.
1.10 Conditions for qualifying the examinations
a. In order to qualify the examination, it shall be necessary for a candidate to pass in all the subjects. Where, a subject comprises two papers, it shall be necessary for him/her to pass at least in the subject on the aggregate of marks of the two papers.
b. Where a subject involves practicals, it shall be necessary for a candidate to pass theory and practical separately.
c. A candidate shall have to obtain at least minimum qualifying marks i.e. 33% in theory and practical, separately.
d. Marks obtained by the candidate in theory paper-I will be combined with marks of theory paper-II of the subject or its alternative for aggregate purpose at SSC and HSSC levels.
e. If a candidate fails either in the theory or practical of a paper the marks obtained by him/her in theory and practical shall not be combined for aggregate purposes.
f. If a candidate fails to pass in the subject on aggregate of the two papers of Part-I and Part-II (theory and practical) shall be declared fail in the paper in which he/she actually fails.
g. Appearance in both the papers of a particular subject is necessary for the compilation of result.
h. If a candidate fails to qualify in the subject on the aggregate of two papers he/she will be declared fail in the paper(s) in which he/she actually fails and shall be allowed to appear in compartmental/ failure paper(s), if otherwise eligible.
i. A candidate failing in more than two (02) subjects in SSC-II/ HSSC-II examination shall have to appear in all the subjects of that examination in the next Annual examination as a fresh one, while a candidate failing in 2 or less than 2 subjects would be placed under compartment and would appear in the failed paper(s)/subject(s) at the examination within the prescribed chances i.e. three subsequent attempts of Supplementary, Annual and next Supplementary Examination.
j. A regular/private candidate, who does not appear in SSC Part-I/HSSC Part-I examination, due to any valid reason, may appear in SSC Part-I/HSSC Part-I or in both the parts, if otherwise eligible.
k. A regular/private candidate failing in any number of subjects in SSC/HSSC examinations will be eligible for grace marks up to 01% of total marks.
l. One mark shall be allowed to all those candidates loosing higher grade by one mark.
m. No grace marks shall be allowed to candidates who appear for improvement of marks/grade or in additional subject(s).
n. Case of extreme hardship presented to the Chairman for grant of marks upto a maximum of five marks, may be considered by the Chairman in favour of the candidate in order to alleviate the hardship provided that:
(1) the candidate does not avail of double benefit in terms of provision of grace marks and/or award of one mark towards better grade, after award of the said marks under hardship.
(2) in determining the hardship, the decision of the Chairman shall be final.

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