Fastest ASMR | Perfume Shop, Mom, Office Worker, Jewelry Store, Bathroom Attendant, Eyebrows & more!

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0:00 - Helix
1:12 - Perfume Shop
3:35 - Officer Worker
5:06 - Mother Gets You Ready
7:25 - Jewelry Store
9:37 - Bathroom Attendant
12:05 - Eyebrow Stylist
14:49 - Meditation Session
16:08 - Orbital Exam
18:54 - Couples Therapy

Hi yall!!
Let me know what you think of the pacing of this one! Some people said I was getting a TAD CHAOTIC in the previous vids so this is slightly calmer!? Feedback welcome :)

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And thank you to everyone who leaves ideas/suggestions/enjoys this Fastest series! c: They are so much fun to make!!!

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