Faster Reacting Toys - A New Kinda Sci-fi Novel

An unabridged robo video audiobook of "Faster Reacting Toys." An official audiobook is coming soon, but for now, feel free to listen and even share this version.

You can learn more about this book at http://the1613s.net/production?s=a301001a3 or purchase the ebook or paperback version at https://amazon.com/dp/B08FM6BM33. The book is also available on Google and at other stores.

A new cell phone, which does everything an ordinary phone can do and many things it can't do, has entered the valley town of Clery. It's called the Pseudopod. Everybody who's anybody is getting one--including Dane Freitag. Within a week, he discovers that the Pseudopods may be influencing people in disturbing, frightening ways. That the devices may be responsible for changes in people's speech, behavior and desires. As a resident of the phone's test market, Dane must unravel the truth of the Pseudopod before its power becomes unbeatable. Will he succeed?

Channel ID - 0:00:00
Dedication - 0:00:06
306 Pseudopods Sold - 0:00:34
391 Pseudopods Sold - 0:33:15
843 Pseudopods Sold - 1:10:39
964 Pseudopods Sold - 1:51:04
1,939 Pseudopods Sold - 2:29:39
2,564 Pseudopods Sold - 3:10:45
4,007 Pseudopods Sold - 3:56:07
4,567 Pseudopods Sold - 4:43:21
5,962 Pseudopods Sold - 5:31:02
78,118 Pseudopods Sold - 6:53:57
An Excerpt from Dane Freitag's Journal - 7:16:14

Book © 2020 Anthony R. Wilbourne
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