Farming Simulator 22 How To Rent and Configure a Server with GPORTAL

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Hey everyone! Let's talk about renting a GPORTAL Farming Simulator 22 server, as well as configuring the server details. We'll also cover how to upload mods and your local single player save to the server as well! This tutorial applies to PC, Xbox, & PS4/5.

-Using the Trucky dispatcher-
0:00 - Intro
0:54 - Ordering a Server
2:06 -Bring Your Server Online
3:07 - Configuring Your Server
5:06 - Crossplay
5:31 - Uploading Your Savegame
7:14 - Uploading Mods to Your Server
9:47 - Getting Help
10:18 - Outro

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Forum ➤ https://forum.g-portal.com/
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