Fake 5 Star reviews from employees - American Pools and Fountains - William Bill Foster

Owner William Bill Foster threatens legitimate customers with letters from a attorney or him personally sending text messages anytime a customer posts a negative review claiming slander or defamation.

Our family used positive online reviews and William Foster’s testimony at our kitchen table to justify the negative reviews that were posted.

When you watch this video and learn that the majority or the 5 star reviews are false from employees or work associates. This fraudulent practice helps boost his rating to 3.7.

William Bill Foster is the one who practices slander and defamation. He’s been operating this way for years and has navigated thru many storms with his tactics.

If you removed all the false 5 star ratings and understand the fear legitimate customers have to post honest and truthful reviews you quickly understand that William Bill Foster would have no where near a 3.7 rating.

William Bill Foster has an extremely difficult time completing a job in a workmanlike manner with quality workmanship that would motivate a legit customer to write a positive review.
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