Faizon Love BREAKS His Silence On The Death Of His Partner Alpo!

Today in hip hop news comedian Faizon Love reacts to the death of his friend Alpo Martinez who was murdered in a drive by shooting in Harlem early Sunday Morning.Martinez, 55, was behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram on Frederick Douglass Blvd. near W. 152nd St. when several gunshots exploded through his driver’s side window just after 3:20 a.m., police sources said.Word of the rubout sparked a celebration from the family of Rich Porter, Martinez’s business partner and best friend who he notoriously shot to death in 1990.
A character based on Martinez was portrayed by the rapper Cam’ron in the 2002 film, “Paid in Full.” Mekhi Phifer played a character based on Porter, who was 24 when he was killed, and Jay-Z was among the movie’s producers. For more Hip Hop News go to VHipHopNews.com

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