FAIL-PROOF: How to Easily Pass Your Flight Attendant Interview: Follow these TIPS!

This video is filled with well over 30 tips on how to pass your in-person face to face (F2F) flight attendant interview with any airline including American Airlines, Delta, and United.

Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes as I give you all the best tips from how to prepare, to how to present yourself when you're there, to tricks on how to answer the interview questions in STAR format. And if you don't know what STAR format is for answering questions, then this is a must watch!

What should you wear or NOT wear?
What should you bring?
What do you need to do right before you enter the interview location?
How should you sit?
Why should you care about name tags?
What is the STAR format anyway?
How should you be answering questions?

Be sure to SAVE this video as you will want to refer to it often. Also, feel free to post it in any Facebook Groups to help your others out or share the link with friends.

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