Faculty & Staff Town Hall 1/12/22 | University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota held a Town Hall Zoom meeting on Jan. 12, 2022 as the start of the spring semester kicks off. UND officials answered questions about COVID, policy and other topics from questions submitted by faculty and staff.

0:00 Statement from President Andy Armacost about UND draft Gender Inclusion Policy:
7:30 Are construction and maintenance workers exempt from wearing masks?
8:38 Has the group leading the Strategic Plan been identified?
9:57 If a student tells us they tested for COVID-19 using a home kit, should we ask for more official documentation?
11:40 Is it wrong for me to request documentation of the COVID results?
14:20 Why are masks still required when one-fifth of students are freshmen and they don’t wear masks in any of the dorms?
17:50 If a staff employee is remote due to an accommodation through HR, because of a medical reason, but their position isn’t remote full time, when can we expect those employees back?
19:50 Other than because we’re federally mandated, why have a mask mandate when there’s absolutely no enforcement or consequences for not wearing one?
24:20 What’s happening with Career Fair?
25:26 Which mask is preferred? KN95 or N95?
27:44 Is there a concern mask-wearing could be hurting people as a function of carbon monoxide buildup?
28:47 Are masks now required in residence halls?
29:35 Is there any chance we go virtual sometime during the semester?
34:18 Students might be throwing away boxes of masks in classrooms; should faculty be bringing boxes to classes?
35:08 What about staff who do not have a medical reason to work remotely but do so because their supervisor allows it?
41:07 Is HR going to change the requirement for filing paperwork for employees who work from home regularly, or part time, during the Omicron surge?
42:58 How long should you wear an N95 before putting on a new one?
44:13 During inclement weather, can supervisors receive more guidance on when we’re able to allow staff to work remotely for the day, even though the campus is open?
49:57 Can we get an update on the status of the search for a vice president of Student Affairs?
51:03 What is the status of vaccine requirements for those working on federal grants and contracts?
51:51 I teach face-to-face classes this semester and prefer not to teach those classes in hybrid format. How do I handle requests from students who want to participate online?
53:37 How will the criticism of the Task Force on the Future of Higher Education’s report impact selection for the Strategic Plan Committee?
56:15 Can you address the rumor that the hockey games are canceled this weekend due to positive cases at UND?


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