Facebook London Engineer Salary Revealed

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In this video, I have given a detailed review of Facebook.
Talked about tech stack that they work in. Talked about their offices in India and abroad. The work culture and work life balance. Apart from this, here I have also discussed i detail about the different levels of Software engineer in Facebook. Talked about the Years of experience required to crack the interviews and in general the promotion process. I have also explained in detail the unique salary structure of Facebook and have given a level wise break down of salaries in Facebook. Also talked about my concluding review of the company.

I have also talked about the interview process and the level of questions and the type of rounds that happen in Facebook.

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0:00 - Intro
1:38 - Facebook or Meta?
2:17 - Facebook Locations
3:33 - Facebook Roles
4:18 - Facebook tech stack
4:35 - Facebook Employee benefits.
5:41 - Facebook Work Culture
6:20 - Facebook Increment
7:12 - Facebook Interview structure
9:08 - Facebook Salary Structure
10:36 - Facebook SDE 1 Salary breakup
12:59 - Facebook SDE 2 Salary breakup
13:43 - Facebook SDE 3 Salary breakup
14:20 - Facebook Review Conclusion
14:50 - Outro

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