Exploring Ian Dury, The Blockheads & HIT ME WITH YOUR RHYTHM STICK | New British Canon

Even amongst the ragamuffins and likely lads of the UK Punk scene, Ian Dury stood out. In his late 30s, with his left arm and leg withered from Polio, and in love with Stax, Motown and free jazz - But that is also what made him transcend. Aided by the funk-punk backing of the Blockheads, his acerbic Estuary wit was on full display on the band's only UK number one, an around the world jaunt that takes in Bingo Lingo, James Brown and the universal appeal of copulation. This is New British Canon and this is the story of “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick.”

#IanDury #Punk #MusicDocumentary

Fact-checking by Serenity Autumn.

Luar - Citrine (https://soundcloud.com/luarbeats)
Jesse Gallagher - The Golden Present
Luar - Anchor (https://soundcloud.com/luarbeats)

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Before The Blockheads: Kilburn & The High Roads
05:38 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll & New Boots & Panties!!
13:24 Creating "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
17:59 The Legacy of Ian Dury & The Blockheads

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