Experience Matters: From Static Sites to Personalized Search

Marketing is no longer about convincing a customer to buy. It’s about helping them buy. And to be seen as an expert, companies of all sizes need to deliver the information each customer needs— nothing more and nothing less. Technology that can seamlessly deliver personalized, targeted content is the holy grail. Whether your visitors browse or search, it’s about giving customers exactly what they expect to see and even anticipating what they need next. Learn how to create more personalized web and commerce search experiences with the Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics) integrated with Coveo Relevance Cloud.

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Panelist Introductions
03:40 - Web Personalization Challenges
11:40 - Better Shopping Experiences
20:44 - Coveo for Adobe Use Cases
32:53 - Leveraging Coveo for Adobe Target
37:40 - Personalization with AEM and Coveo
41:00 - Final Thoughts
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