Experience at 35,000 Feet w/ Derek Whisenhunt (Southwest Airlines)

This week we bring you another special “live from the road” episode of the DEX Show – as we sat down with Southwest Airlines’ Derek Whisenhunt ahead of his amazing talk at Experience Everywhere in New York City! If you’ve ever wondered what separates a best-in-class airline from the rest of the pack, this episode’s for you. Derek reveals how Southwest has built its reputation for stellar customer experience, as well as: How old-fashioned business models can evolve rapidly in the era of digitization. Why digital employee experience and customer experience are two sides of the same coin. Strategies to improve DEX for employees on the ground and in the air. Want to hear more from Derek? Watch his full presentation on-demand – and be sure to check out the other incredible panels and speeches from Experience Everywhere: New York. For more amazing DEX content, including podcasts, articles and exclusive research, head over to the DEX Hub (dex.nexthink.com) To hear more interviews like this one, subscribe to the Digital Employee Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for Digital Employee Experience in your favorite podcast player.
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