Executive Recruiting: How to Find Your Next Great Leader | Startup Boston Week 2021

Executive recruiting is more complex and nuanced than lower-level hiring. The multi-faceted nature of executive positions, the challenges of evaluating emotional intelligence and leadership qualities, and the fact that C-suite hiring decisions are often made by a range of stakeholders within both the company and board makes for a highly rigorous talent acquisition process.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll develop skills and a framework to power your executive recruiting program. Whether your company’s needs for a C-level executive are imminent or you are simply looking to expand into a new vertical in the talent acquisition space, you’ll discover:

-Strategies for sourcing quality C-suite candidates, and the benefits/ pitfalls of internal and external hires
-Interview questions to ask to vet an executive and their leadership abilities
-How to think about different leadership styles so that you can find a match for your organization
-How to scope out authenticity, values of inclusion and anti-racism, and other qualities and criteria that are difficult to measure

This event is part of the People Ops Track for Startup Boston Week 2021. It is perfect for Talent Acquisition professionals and Founders at early and growth-stage startups.

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