EXCLUSIVE : NOC's Sylvia Breaks Silence

When you see “Screenshots available” on the video, you can click here Screenshots receipts here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KIbY7JN21drVoLmX8i_seImKXB6DzAcL/view?usp=drivesdk

After keeping silent on her side of the story since she was painted as the main villain in one of the biggest Singapore scandals to happen in 2021, Sylvia is finally ready to talk and she isn’t holding back.

In an exclusive interview with Xiaxue she opens up about the real state of the marriage, how ex-husband Ryan is really like in real life, what’s really going on with NOC before and after her cancellation, details on the legal battle between her and Ryan, and addresses the multiple allegations that has been piled on her - with receipts.

Who was cheating?
Was the smear campaign something organic or one that was carefully planned to further an agenda?
Who is behind sgcickenrice?
How much money is involved in divorce settlements?
What’s happening with all the NOC talents you have watched for years and who is involved?
Who are the leaked videos and screenshots from?
Are the allegations piled on Sylvia real or not?

All these and more in a detailed 2 hr interview. It’s gonna be a wild ride with bombshells aplenty so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

0:00 Intro
1:14 Recap of Timeline
4:39 Behind NOC
13:49 The Alleged Lawsuit between Sylvia and Ryan
18:00 The "Smear Campaign" and the potential lawsuit
19:51 Who leaked the screenshots?
25:40 Smear Campaign or Organic Cancellation
36:00 Sylvia the bad cop
42:00 Ryan's Alleged Infedelity
51:05 Ryan and the NOC girls
53:15 Ryan’s Best Friends
59:33 Their Sex Life
1:00:30 Did Sylvia Cheat
1:15:38 Sylvia Locked out of Company Accounts
1:17:50 Porky the Dog
1:20:55 Sylvia’s Recorded on Zoom
1:23:00 Is there HR in NOC?
1:24:00 Did Sylvia pay for her brother’s PR?
1:28:48 The “Sex Barter” scandal
1:33:00 The Current Update
1:34:13 Sylvia Hacked
1:38:43 How Sylvia is Coping
1:40:20 The Allegations of Slut Shaming
1:42:00 The Thirsty Sisters Podcast
1:43:15 The R-rated leak
1:45:30 Xiaxue wishes Sylvia well
1:45:44 Xiaxue’s closing comments

Disclaimer: The guest states that all statements of facts she makes within the programme are based on materials in her personal possession evidencing these facts. Where she makes any opinions, these constitute her personal fair comments derived from information and materials she has access to and are not meant to offend, insinuate anything, or disparage any person. Neither are these comments or opinions meant to cause alarm, harassment, or distress to any person

This interview was filmed on 22 October 2021.
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