Exclusive Interview: Juror in the 2d Trial of Florida v Katherine Magbanua (Dan Markel Murder Case)

I had the privilege and honor of interviewing one of the jurors in the May, 2022, trial in the case of Florida vs. Katherine (Katie) Magbanua.

Questions drafted by and read by Mentour Lawyer.
Answers drafted by juror and read by contributing journalist Ira Schoffel.

This regards the second trial (after the first ended in a mistrial, in Tallahassee, in the case of Florida vs Katherine “Katie” Magbanua regarding the 2014 murder of FSU Law Professor Dan Markel. The murder occurred, according to the State, as a result of a murder-for-hire plot involving 2 families (Adelsons and Garcia/Magbanua) who combined forces to solve each other’s problems. According to the State, Donna, Charlie and Wendi Adelson had Dan (Wendi’s ex-husband) killed with the help of the Garcia/Magbanua family- with Magbanua as the in-between who shielded the Adelsons involved from the killer (Garcia). Garcia took along his life-long friend, his “brother” Luis Rivera, the only non-family member in the plot who then turned State evidence - but who has no knowledge about who in the Adelson family hired them. Luis is implicating Garcia and Magbanua in the plot.

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