Excerpt 05 Melissa Pang and Darren Leavitt The Entrepreneurs Source

In this episode, we meet Darren Levitt, Career Ownership Coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source / Small Business Owner.


He and Melissa Pang review what a Career Ownership coach does and why this might be right for you.

Today we’re going to review one of Darren’s client’s recent placements and what the process was like for his client to move into business ownership.

According to Darren…

“I was in corporate America VP of Sales Senior Director of Sales in healthcare, Senior Living and did it for a long time and liked it, you know, but the further I got promoted into the corporate world the less value I was bringing to more corporate meetings, fighting with our CFO to fix our buildings and, and board of directors’ meetings, which wasn’t fun to me. And the travel only increased. Travel was fun when I was 20. But having a family I just wanted to be home and not on the road. So little over two and a half years ago, I literally walked away from a corporate paycheck to do what I do now and having the time of my life and doing fine financially. Doing fine financially and being home is better than ever.

Somebody called me in and said, hey, have you had any interest in a franchise? I said, Nope, not at all. But I love talking to people. And I did. And my coach got me to change my mind set a little bit or allowed me to change my mind set a little bit. And I just thought, hmm, there are other options, and it felt normal it felt like a no brainer, this is the greatest thing in the world. It was scary walking from a corporate paycheck. But after doing discovery day, and figuring things out, and looking at different options, the option of going back and getting on a plane just was so awful. I just thought, you know, this is an option where I can bring value to others. And here I am, it’s the greatest thing, I absolutely love what I do.”

As Melissa points out…

“I just in general like as humans we put all this time pressure on ourselves to do XYZ accomplish XYZ, especially when you’re working with clients to say, like, I need them to get to a point of, I would probably say, like, I need some of them to decide. But really, when you take it all back, and you’re just saying, there’s this, its discovery, it’s not this pressure, it takes the pressure off the coach the pressure off the client, like, it’s just about learning. And there’s no downside, like you said, so why not? And there’s no need to make like, at the end of the day, you do the discovery, you come to a point of clarity, regardless of what that is, point of clarity is, well, I would say, I don’t know from your perspective, but point of clarity is where you want to get to, it doesn’t really matter what the point of clarity is,”

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More About our Guest, Darren Levitt

Change is inevitable, and in today's environment, the career economy shows that nothing is set in stone. Every working adult today is on one of two paths. Either W2 employment with a traditional job or self-sufficiency through business ownership.

As a Career Ownership Coach, I work with people in career transition to explore all options and reach a point of clarity about the next steps in their careers. I help them discover how to leverage transferable skills and past work experience to make a different career choice -one that gives them more control over their lives than what they are used to.
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