Ex-McKinsey Project Lead reviews CVs (Ep. 1)

Watch Ex-McKinsey Project Lead Heinrich review CVs from the Firm Learning community. Are you thinking about applying to Consulting, Banking or Industry? A strong CV will help you to break into your dream career. Today I am sharing resume tips for 2022 to break into consulting. Watch me sharing CV advice and resume tips by reviewing CVs. Are you interested to start a career in management consulting at a consulting firm like McKinsey, BCG or Bain? Watch this video to create a strong McKinsey CV, BCG CV or Bain CV. Get these tips for great curriculum vitae documents. Read my consulting resume advice and my tips for McKinsey resumes.

Download the CV and Cover Letter that I used for my McKinsey applications:

00:00 Resume tips
01:15 Review CV #1
06:07 Review CV #2
11:17 Review CV #3
14:16 Review CV #4
17:00 Review CV #5
22:22 Your resume tips

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