Ex Google Employee Shares Culture Perspective

Ex Google employee, Taras Kobernyk shares his perspective on the Google culture. Taras was a Google software engineer who ended up getting fired from job. Watch the episode to learn more.

Key Discussion Points:
0:00 Trailer & Guest Introduction
2:15 Taras’ introduction/background
3:09 Getting hired by Google and finding out the internal downsides to his position
6:40 What did you see that made you write the document?
10:15 How did things go after writing it?
11:53 Can you detail the timeline from the writing of the initial document, through your firing?
17:52 Were you ever told your performance was subpar?
21:00 How would you respond to people who think you’re simply a disgruntled former employee?
23:49 What can you tell us about the Anti-Racist Allyship Starter Pack?
27:48 What was the response from the top management?
33:00 Is any of this helping the environment at Google?
35:38 Are you the ONLY Google employee to complain about these policies?
38:12 What were the “Citizenship Contributions” you were expected to perform as part of your job?
57:06 Are you concerned at all that these policies may affect the public, as Google has such a wide reach?
1:06:11 After you were fired, did Google make it difficult for you to find other work?
1:12:48 Why did you speak up?
1:17:55 If you were still at Google, what do you wish would have happened after sharing this document with leadership?
1:25:36 What part of this experience had the greatest impact on your ideas about leadership?
1:28:40 My main takeaways from this discussion with Taras Kobernyk

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