Evolution in the Workplace with Adi Ignatius, Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review

In today’s episode, Willy welcomes Adi Ignatius. As the Editor in Chief of the Harvard Business Review Group and the publisher of HBR Press, he oversees the editorial activities of HBR, HBR.org, and its book-publishing unit. Before getting onboard HBR in 2009, he was the #2 editor at TIME. Two books he edited, President Obama: The Path to the White House and Prisoner of the State: The Secret Diaries of Premier Zhao Ziyang, became New York Times’ Bestsellers. Living and working overseas, he previously worked as an editor of TIME’s Asian edition and Beijing Bureau Chief and Moscow Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal.

With HBR turning a century old in 2022, the publication aims to be credible and valuable, publishing the best ideas and research. From gathering ideas in their inbox to being more proactive, Adi explains that the editors strive to write about relevant topics while delivering long-form content. Their digital domain has garnered more attention as the physical copies took a setback. With their active Instagram presence, Adi says they want to “give people a nugget that has value then provide a link to go deeper,” providing an option to consume short pieces or in-depth research. He attributes their revenue success to their dedicated paying subscribers.

Tune in to this new episode of the Walker Webcast — Evolution in the Workplace with Adi Ignatius, Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review. ▶️

Key Points In The Webcast:
00:00 Introduction
05:31 Willy welcomes Adi Ignatius
02:14 Starting in journalism and the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests
10:31 Martial law and China’s economic development
14:58 China’s zero-tolerance policy and exiting Russia
17:36 The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and India’s involvement
31:09 Adi talks about Obama’s presidency
35:25 Producing content for Harvard Business Review
40:12 Long vs short-form content, ad revenue, and viewership
44:22 Weighing the pros and cons of remote and on-site work
51:12 Creating a diverse, inclusive workplace
53:36 Speaking up on social issues and HBR’s values
56:48 Adi urging resiliency for change in companies
59:01 Adi’s message to his younger self

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