Everything You Wanted to Know About The Great Resignation Vol. 1 (ET Catalyse - Episode 30)

‘The Great Resignation’ was first coined back in 2021 as it was predicted that a good portion of the work-force were set to leave their employers, in pursuit of greener pastures. This led many organizations and industries to adapt their approach to the entire recruitment process, and re-look at the employee and employer relationship, from a unique perspective.

Fast-forward to 2022, and there is still a lot of talk amongst recruiters about the impact of ‘The Great Resignation’ and what it means for the future of the work-force.

On part 1 of The Great Resignation special presented by ET Catalyse, we are joined by Kartik Rishi, Partner, People & Organization at PwC India; and Vinod Rai, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources at Maruti Suzuki India in conversation with Miloni Bhatt, Editor, Digital Broadcast, ET Spotlight; to address questions such as ‘are we in a candidate’s market?’, ‘is The Great Resignation here to stay?’, and ‘what is the future of the work-force?’

ET Catalyse provides a platform for in-depth conversations and associations with some of the most notable names in advertising, marketing, technology, and digital media.

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