[EVERY NATION CHURCH DAMANSARA] Sunday Online Service - Margin @ 1st May 2022

We're starting a new series - MARGIN: Creating Space for Bigger Life
The world is moving from pandemic to endemic - reopening of borders, resumption of travel, increase in work demands, restarting of businesses and opportunities that come with it. Life is about to resume at breakneck speeds.
As our lives resume, in this "new normal", God has called us to live bigger than normal lives. How do we do that? By creating margin.
Tune in or attend physically to find out more!
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Connect with us if you're first time joining: https://encd.live/CONNECT

Worship Music Credits:

I'll Never Walk Alone
Written by Elvin Edgar Joseph, Gideon Koh, Kelvin Lim, Neil Batiancila
️ 2016 Every Nation Music

Surrounded ( Fight My Battles )
Written by Elyssa Smith
2018 UR Creative (BMI) (adm. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com)

A Thousand Hallelujahs
Written by Scott Ligertwood, Phil Wickham, Brooke Ligertwood
2022 Brooke Ligertwood Designee Simply Global, Phil Wickham Music

Build My Life
Written by Brett Younker, Karl Martin, Kirby Kaple, Matt Redman, Pat Barrett
️ 2016 Music by Broadcast Music Inc., Bethel Music Publishing

Every Heart
Written by Bea Barlaan, Charles Bautista, Julius Fabregas, Jade Lingan
️ 2019 Victory Worship

Streamed with permission CCLI Church
Streaming Licence #1478711
Church Copyright Licence #533784
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