EU Citizenship: How An International Student Did It | From A Tenant To A Landlord In The UK

Learn how an international student traveled to England for his masters degree got an EU citizenship, bought a house and was able to land his dream job.
In this episode of civil Thursday, he shares his story of how he was able to go from masters student to EU citizen to landlord and everything in between. Watch and enjoy.

Chapters of this episode
00:00 - Summary of episode
01:29 - Intro
02:59 - Where are you at the moment?
03:26 - What are you doing in that city? Are you studying or working?
05:03 - Did you travel to the UK to work or to study?
05:18 - What did you major in during your masters degree program?
05:47 - How much did it cost to enroll in a masters degree program in a University in England?
07:27 - Were you self-sponsored or sponsored by your parents?
08:50 - How were you able to find this scholarship opportunity?
10:31 - What documentation were you required to submit for your scholarship?
11:48 - Why did you choose England for your masters degree?
13:01 - Was this your first time in Europe?
13:44 - Which has a better standard of living England or Turkey?
16:05 - Which city did you arrive in when you first got to England?
16:35 - Does Coventry city feel like Lagos?
18:49 - What are the locals like?
19:58 - What is the biggest misconception foreigners have when traveling to the UK?
21:30 - Were you working while studying in the UK?
22:25 - How did you get into student union politics?
23:30 - How were you able to land the job with Severn Trent?
24:48 - Was the choice of company you wanted to work with dependent on your major?
25:48 - What's your work specification with the Open University?
27:38 - Are you working on a full time basis?
27:52 - How were you able to get a permanent employment so soon after your masters program?
29:31 - How did you get your EU citizenship?
30:44 - What documentation were you required to submit to get your EU citizenship?
34:32 - How did you get to own a house in the UK?
35:28 - How did you get past the challenge of a low credit rating?
36:34 - Do you thing most immigrants can go through the process you went through to own their homes as well?
37:57 - How has the war between Russia and Ukraine affected the standard of living in England?
39:04 - Do you have any advice for people looking to travel to the UK to study or work?
41:51 - Summary closure

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