Eric Weinstein Reviews 2021: Aliens/UFOs, COVID, Epstein, GU, Standardized Testing, & The Portal!

It's been a phenomenal year for some folks; a tough year for others. Join us live to review the year that was and look forward to 2022 too! A wide-ranging, fun, free for all conversation with my friend Eric Weinstein!

00:00 Topics:
05:00 Eric and Project Galileo investigating UFO/UAP
30:00 Woit's TOE as discussed with @Lex Fridman
Geometric Unity and Chern-Simons
1:00:00 Raising kids to succeed in STEM
Opportunities and Threats to our future
Thoughts on Bitcoin/Blockchain/NFT for science
Brian's Assayer Project
Maxwell Trial
2:00:00 Should Eric Revive the Portal?

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