Episode 446 with Kael Campbell

Another amazing AO Mentor Session.

AO members submit questions to our mentors through our exclusive, proprietary web portal.

Questions are filtered to various mentors that have expertise in that area to best answer that question.

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Questions asked and answered in this Mentor Session:

• How do I keep myself accountable and keep track of my goals?

• When exploring the opportunity to acquire a book of business, what should you be looking for during the initial investigation and how would you structure the potential deal to mitigate risk?

• How do I ask for a raise in my day job?

• What is a good way to develop a business plan?

• What process would be best to define “leap of faith assumptions” when trying to bring a product to market that has never been developed before?

• What is the best way to get employee participation for non mandatory reviews or surveys

• What do you need to detail/outline in an employee job description?

• How do I evaluate new opportunities/side businesses?
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