Episode 431: Dolphins Planned To Pursue Tom Brady And Sean Payton Before The Flores Lawsuit Hit?!?

Reason discusses a report from today that the Miami Dolphins were looking to pursue Tom Brady in free agency and Sean Payton as the new head coach before the Brian Flores lawsuit hit!

He'll also talk about PFN's latest report that the franchise tag option is being discusses internally by the Dolphins regarding Gesicki and much more!

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

1:12 - Opening Thoughts On Gesicki, Florio & More!

15:37 - PFT Reports Dolphins Wanted Sean Payton & Tom Brady For 2022 Season

22:05 - PFT Claims Dolphins Were DENIED Permission To Speak To Sean Payton

27:06 - PFT Claims Brady Discourse With Arians Made Miami An Option

35:38 - PFN Claims Franchise Tag Being Discussed By Miami For Gesicki

43:24 - Needham Has Second Most Man Coverage Snaps Without Allowing A TD In 2021

45:29 - CBS Mock Draft Says Dolphins Should Sign Armstead

48:51 - Live Reaction To McDaniel & Grier Interview

1:04:03 - Final Thoughts On RBs, The Draft & More!

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