Episode 2 - Truth, Subconscious Programming, Health, Karma, and More... An Interview with Jesse Hal

Episode #2
An interview with Jesse Hal, host of The Missing Link Podcast. On today’s episode we discuss a variety of topics ranging from truth, subconscious programming, health, universal laws, karma, evolution, overcoming fear, cannabis, and more.

Jesse is a true fighter for truth and his podcast is watched by thousands of viewers each month where he’s interviewed some of the biggest names in the current movement to expose the lies and reveal the truth of our world.

You can find Jesse’s work at:

About Me

My name is Joey Kramer, and in December of 2020 I rewrote my DNA and it changed my life forever! Now, my purpose is to teach people around the world the principles of reality creation using our own wonderful imagination, and how harnessing the power of compassion, forgiveness, and love can actually rewrite our past, script out our future, and help us live in the present moment in the reality that we choose.

My journey has allowed me to see through this veil and to discover the truth that exists, but only if we're willing to seek it out. Until we escape it, the matrix controls every single aspect of our lives and our beliefs until the point comes that we stop allowing it to enslave us. The time has finally arrived for each us as a collective to take back our mind, body, and soul, and unleash the true power from within us all.

I have realized through my personal experience that we each have the ability to script out our own story of life. What reality will you choose to create today? I'd love to hear your story as well. Be sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and leave a comment below. Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more inspiring videos as I share the lessons I've learned on my journey of creating my own reality.

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