Episode 13 - Performance Reviews Should Not Be One Sided

Yeah and I'm a big fan of performance reviews not being one sided, not just being a manager, kind of dictating their thoughts down.

It really needs to come from both. And the next one, talking about layering, I might want to layer on a peer as well, but for this one, again, kind of keeping it simple and let's just get through the system first. So employees actually had the first two weeks of the month of January to fill in their own self review.

And then the managers really at any time could go in and start to fill in the employees one. A lot of managers...and I think this helped them was they leveraged what the employees said in theirs and reflected on it first before putting theirs in. And then after that, the manager really chose kind of when they wanted to share both feedbacks out.

And so the employee and the manager actually got a side by side comparison of what the employees feedback was versus the managers. The one thing I think that was the most challenging and this, I could talk about this for hours, but it's when the employees rated themselves on the five and the manager rated them on a three.

And that that delta...I think that is really challenging. And so a few one-on-ones that I had with managers, or just like how to talk through that...that's hairy.
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