Episode 12, Understanding Trauma and What to do About it with Dr. Andrea Blanch

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Episode 12, Understanding Trauma and What to do About it With Dr. Andrea (Andy) Blanch
This interview took place on January 31, one day after the death (apparently by suicide) of former Miss USA (2019) Cheslie Kryst. Dr. Blanch and I had discussed our session last November, and Cheslie’s passing was a reminder of the importance of our topic.

The podcast explores the subject of trauma and resilience. You’ll learn about the varied sources of trauma and how it may manifest with people in different ways. While the effects of trauma may be devasting to an individual, Dr. Blanch reminds us that a person can recover from events in life that may scare them. We can heal, she says, and this is why she is engaged in this work.

Dr. Blanch is also a part of a grassroots movement known as Sarasota Strong. Sarasota Strong (SRQ Strong) started in Sarasota County Florida. It’s a group of people committed to educating the public about the sources of trauma, and how people can heal from it. SRQ Strong also offers classes and workshops aimed at helping people recover from depression and trauma to discover their health. For information about SRQ Strong visit https://srqstrong.org/.
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