EP:4|Exclusive Gena Tew Disclose, Aids Diagnosis after going untested almost decade, awareness&more.

Exclusive EP:4 | Gena Tew discloses tonight, her Life testimony, Aids Diagnosis after going untested almost decade, bringing awareness and more.

Thanks for watching The Chela's Way Experience Podcast Live Tonight | S1 Episode 4.

Each week my podcast will take you through all that's buzzing in the entertainment world and society all while bringing awareness.
On tonight's episode featuring Special Guest Model/Artist/TiK Toker GENA TEW @tewgena!

Gena gives an exclusive interview tonight with the host Chela. Gena is letting the world know of her diagnosis, trauma & more. And in this interview Gena speaks about how she confronts her trauma because the key is to have personal peace again and to bring awareness on this important matter.

We ask all our listeners and viewers to always be kind and respectful to every guest. And The Chela’s Way Experience Podcast sends positive vibes to each guest.

This episode tonight is dedicated to bringing awareness on the increasing HIV/Aids awareness. We appreciate Gena Tew with bringing her life testimony to our platform and hopefully you enjoy this episode tonight.

We also appreciate the courage and strength Gena Tew has with coming forward with this important topic.

And please support her GoFundMe which can also be located in her Bio on her IG page @tewgena and right below:


Now if anyone has a need for resources or important information on HIV/Aids & more please visit the www.cdc.gov website.

You can catch Chela every Thursday with your some of your favorite Influencers, Recording Artist, Celebrities, Content Creators and more. Getting to the Heart, Soul and bringing awareness.

Doing what she loves for the Culture. Allowing the Guest & Chela to give perspectives respectfully.

We appreciate you watching & listening on tonight episode. And Stay tune. We will be back every Thursday at 9pm Est. Time.

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