Ep190: Managing Idea Notebooks, Taming Instant Messaging, and Identifying Keystone Habits

Full Length Episode #190 from the Deep Questions Podcast . Cal begins the show with another segment called, "Cal reacts to the news". Cal talks about #ElonMusk buying the majority stake of Twitter.

Cal then answers listener calls about managing idea notebooks and how to temper a racing mind.

Cal also gives advice for selecting solid keystone habits.

Cal talks about learning advanced math, and Cal gives advice with a caller obsessed with instant messaging.

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Listen to Episode Here (Scroll down to #190DeepQuestionsPodcast) : https://bit.ly/3eEefHK

0:00 Cal's intro
1:22 Cal Reacts to the News
21:31 Cal talks about My Body Tutor and ExpressVPN
24:03 Cal listens to a call about Managing idea notebooks
29:40 Doctor who wants to learn advanced math
34:06 Obsessed with instant messaging
47:18 Tempering a racing mind
51:09 Cal talks about Workable and Grammarly
54:30 Selecting good keystone habits

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