Ep 7: The job search process (with Madeline Mann)

Madeline's website: http://madelinemann.com
Self Made Millenial YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SelfMadeMillennial

In this episode of The Artifact, I talk to Madeline Mann, who is a career and job search coach. She is the creator of the Self Made Millenial. She has a coaching program and a Youtube channel with some amazing content with a lot of value.

In this interview, I talk to Madeline about job search as it applies to software developers. Are there any things we should be doing differently? What is the importance of soft skills when searching for a job that requires you to code all the time? Do cover letters matter? How about referrals? Connections? In this interview, we cover all these topics and more. I hope you get as much value and learning as I did from this episode of the Artifact.
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