Ep. 7: BHR and Migrant Workers from the Perspective of Women’s Rights

In this new episode of the podcast series, Laura Íñigo Álvarez holds a conversation with Aintzane Márquez and Carolina Jiménez Sánchez about the relationship between business, human rights and migrant workers considering the perspective of women's rights.

Coordination: Dr. Claire Bright, Ana Duarte and Alice Milheiras
Interviewers: Dr. Laura Íñigo Álvarez
Interviewee: Dr. Aintzane Márquez and Dr. Carolina Jiménez Sánchez
Script: Dr. Laura Íñigo Álvarez
Editing: Alice Milheiras
Design: NOVA School of Law
Project: NOVA Centre on Business, Human Rights and the Environment
Collaborators: Ana Duarte
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