Ep 7 | Back to Work: Examining Labor Narratives During Welfare Reform & the Pandemic

Welfare reform in the 90’s and the recent pandemic may seem like radically different moments in history but they share a few things in common, namely back to work labor narratives that:
--- are overly reliant on frameworks of personal responsibility
--- prioritize work over health and wellbeing
--- perpetuate policies, practices, and beliefs that are racist, sexist, classist, and ableist

Tune in to hear from three brilliant guests sharing their stories and expertise on:
--- the history and impact of welfare reform in the 90’s
--- navigating return to work during the pandemic
--- the medicine and wisdom of disability justice in imagining new ways to work and live

00:00:00 Introductions & Announcements
00:03:45 Brief History of Welfare in the U.S. with Diana Romero
00:10:55 Who Uses Welfare with Diana Romero
00:15:45 The Intention of Welfare Reform with Diana Romero
00:22:07 Welfare Work Requirements with Diana Romero
00:30:18 Welfare Family Cap Policies with Diana Romero
00:34:27 Pandemic Back to Work Narratives
00:36:31 SLM Dances Navigating Work During the Pandemic with Sydnie Mosley
00:51:59 Disability Justice with Nikki Brown-Booker
00:58:30 Closing Reflections & Credits


*Sydnie Mosley* is an artist-activist and educator who works with communities to organize for gender and racial justice through experiential dance performance with her dance-theater collective Sydnie L. Mosley Dances. She wrote an article in Dance Magazine entitled "I Have No Desire to Produce a Performance, Live or Livestreamed, Until the Pandemic Is Over. I’ll Wait." Listen to her full interview on Patreon (running time: 01:32:43) http://patreon.com/TajaLindley

*Diana Romero* is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Social Sciences and director of the Maternal, Child, Reproductive and Sexual Health specialization (MCRSH) at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy in New York City. Listen to her full interview on Patreon (running time: 01:29:51) http://patreon.com/TajaLindley

*Nikki Brown-Booker* is the Program Officer for the Disability Inclusion Fund at Borealis Philanthropy. As a person with a disability and a biracial woman, she has devoted her work to advancing rights at the intersection of disability justice and racial justice. Listen to her full interview on Patreon (running time: 00:56:24) http://patreon.com/TajaLindley

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