Ep 40 - Solving America’s Health Crisis

* Amit goes on a rant about Dominic’s supposed constant tardiness.

* Dominic continues to chat about Heart Disease which is the #1 Killer in America and disproportionately so amongst black and Hispanic individuals. He continues to be perplexed by society’s collective cognitive dissonance regarding personal health.

* Cartoon Mascots were banned from food packaging in Mexico in order to combat Childhood Obesity.

* Cancel culture’s ridiculous ramifications in TV including the removal of the Puerto Rican Day Parade episode of Seinfeld.

* The death of actor Michael K. Williams.

* Visit Jamaica!

* Apostrophes do not make words plural.

* Samsung’s poor marketing.

* Dominic accuses Amit of having post colonial conditioning. This concept was introduced to us by the brilliant Dr. Monique Bedasse who we interviewed in Episode 17.

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