Ep. 33: Live Q&A | Another GIC member received an offer letter from German employer

#GIC #GermanyIsCalling
Another episode of the GIC weekly meetup where we got to know about another GIC member who secured a job offer from a German employer.

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00:52 - This member received a job offer from Germany
03:40 - How is a Jobseeker visa beneficial for applying to jobs in Germany?
06:06 - Can we move to another city after landing in Germany on a JSV?
08:13 - Question related to birth certificate for JSV
09:22 - Is a Birth certificate required in Germany?
29:29 - How to get public health insurance in Germany?
11:50 - Discussion about Social security number
13:34 - Aishwarya tells us about her progress so far
15:20 - Should we attach our CV in the first email to the recruiter?
17:09 - How to start with the job search in Germany?
20:22 - Is it advisable to apply for a Jobseeker visa?
24:25 - Xing v/s LinkedIn
26:25 - Suha shares her experience and how GIC members helped her get a job offer.
27:19 - How does the profile on StackOverflow impact your job application?

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