Ep 22: Why Customer Reviews Are So Positive At VW Chicago

Why Customer Reviews Are So Positive At VW Chicago

Welcome to episode 22 of The Local Business Show. In this episode Chris Richmond sits down with Anthony Scala and Shawn Kohli of VW Chicago and they discuss their business, how they approach their dealerships, and more.

First generation car dealers, Anthony Scala and Shawn Kohli met in 2001 while Anthony was a porter during his summers playing college basketball at Lewis University and Shawn was a full-time salesperson putting himself through DePaul University. Anthony and Shawn quickly became friends and business partners; through their years together, Anthony and Shawn always saw the car business from a different perspective and vowed to do things ‘differently’ when they had a store of their own. Anthony and Shawn’s years of sales and managerial experience have allowed them to understand how a dealership works from all angles, benefiting both their employees and customers….and the local community. A strong focus on employee growth has been proven through Anthony’s stellar track record of building sales teams from the ground up coupled with Shawn’s expansive vision for dealership growth make them the ideal partners. Together, they have created unmatched processes which have allowed them to take ownership of 3 Volkswagen dealerships in Chicago, Evanston, IL and Highland, IN as well as a Chevrolet dealership in Grayslake, IL in just 25 short months.

Here are some highlights from the episode:
- How they came into the industry and began to create the great customer service record that they do.
- Information about the 4 dealerships that they currently own and oversee.
- How they put their own touch on the hiring process and building a team at their dealerships.
- How them starting the business and building it from the ground up shapes the way they run the dealerships and operate them as well.
- How Anthony & Shawn give back to the communities that they serve.
- Their sales tactics and how they don’t fit the stereotype of “pushy salespeople”.
- How they have changed their sales tactics during COVID and with so many people people being able to purchase cars easily online.
- How they are dealing with the unprecedented situation in the car market right now, with so much demand and so little inventory.
- What the future looks like for electric vehicles and specifically EV vehicles from VW.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/VW
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VW
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