Ep. 192: Tackling 8 Productivity Questions in 30 Minutes | Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Full Length Episode #192 from the Deep Questions Podcast. Cal begins the show with a #DeepDive on "The Crypto Question No One is Asking".

Cal then answers 8 Habit-Tune-Up questions on topics ranging from Deep Work with roommates, how to tame Netflix, and how to shorten weekly planning sessions.

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Listen to Episode Here (Scroll down to #192DeepQuestionsPodcast) : https://bit.ly/3eEefHK

0:00 Cal's intro
1:43 DEEP DIVE The Crypto Question No One is Asking
19:20 Cal talks about Headspace and Ladder Life
24:42 Should I be productive or bill more hours?
28:29 Can someone with ADHD succeed with Deep Work?
33:00 Can I find depth if I have roommates?
37:48 How do I track more publications?
43:06 I can’t time-block. What should I do?
47:05 How do I tame Netflix?
49:27 Cal talks about Athletic Greens and Blinkist
54:41 How does Cal come up with ideas?
58:13 How do I shorten weekly planning sessions?

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