enola holmes 2 subliminal ☆.*;

hello how ru doing today? ♡

this subliminal is based on the movie enola holmes I love the new one, if you haven't seen it you should go watch it!♡

enola holmes aura/vibe
high IQ
detective skills
fighting skills, jujitsu, martial arts

full affs♡♡
I act just like enola holmes
I have enola holmes personailty
I have enola holmes aura and vibe
I have a witty, funny, charming, bubbly yet mysterious personality
I have the best intuition
I am 1000 times smarter than enola holmes
I have a IQ of one million
School is extremely easy
I have photographic memory
I have lateral thinking
I have amazing detective skills
I have solving problem skills
I am the number 1 detective in the world
I am extremely brave and clever
I can easily defend myself
I have martial arts skills
I have comeback skills
I know more than a hundred moves to defend myself
I am a master at martial arts
I know when it's the right time to do a move within milliseconds
I am a master at jujitsu
My wardrobe is similar to enola holmes
I gather evidence quickly
I process words fast
I can read people's body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions
I know when someone is lying
I always know what to say and when to say it
I learn things in milliseconds
I am a quick learner
I am a master detective
I have enola holmes detective skills
I am the best detective in the entire world
I am the smartest human on the planet of earth
I have mastered mathematics
I have mastered science
I have mastered history
I have perfect grades
I am a extremely fast reader
I can solve math problems in milliseconds
Math is extremely easy

mini booster included♡♡

this subliminal is...

100% safe

works fast


drink water when listening if you get headaches fast

stay consistent

be positive

believe the subliminal works

you get your results when YOU believe you get them

that's it I BELIEVE IN YOU ♡

XOXO - c0ffeecr3amer
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