Engagement for Retention & Performance

A well-known truth: everybody wins when employees are engaged, the employee included. Employee engagement (EE) starts with individual career self-insights and the understanding of engagement drivers and killers by both managers and HR. Other important factors to consider:
- The cost of voluntary exits are estimated as high as 150 – 400% of the annual salary of the exiting employee.
- Accounting does not capture engagement costs and lost contribution costs before and after the exit.
- Personnel turnover have been increasing for many years.
- Engagement is the strongest tool for employers to retain their talents as well as to achieve better performance.
- Never before has there been so great value for employers to increase their talent retention to avoid even greater costs of losing and replacing talents.

Sandra Bichl from Career Angels and prof. Rikard Larsson from Decision Dynamics invite you to join the live, interactive 45-min lunch-break webinar “Engagement for Retention & Performance” that look at the science behind EE and how you – as a candidate, an employee, a manager or an HR professional – can leverage that know-how to your advantage!

Join us to discover career & engagement insights – for yourself and/or your organization!
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